IE 1 Insight Earth is TerraSpark’s benchmark 3D seismic interpretation platform, originally developed within our industry-funded Geoscience Interpretation Visualization Consortium (GIVC).  Insight Earth was released to market in 2008, and since that time has provided customers with dramatic improvements in interpretation speed and accuracy.


Our customers are using Insight Earth today to:

  • Identify the most productive regions of their shale resource plays
  • Discover hidden plays in current production areas by removing the overprinted current structure from the entire volume, to extend productivity beyond conventional limitations
  • Quickly define the boundaries of salt bodies with precision only possible with our unique interpretation technologies
  • Interpret faults in highly complex plays with unparalleled clarity – removing noise and footprints in the seismic data

Products: Base | Structure | Stratigraphy | Well Path

Further information: Release 1.7 (July 2012) | Release 1.6 (Sept. 2011)

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A brief overview of the key capabilities of Insight Earth:

IE 2

Insight Earth lowers the bar of the impossible, leveraging its patented technologies –Domain Transformation™, Surface Wrapping™ and Automated Fault Extraction™ – to radically improve your seismic interpretation results.  You get True Volume interpretation of both structure and stratigraphy, not just a “one slice” view.

With Insight Earth, interpretation workflows are greatly accelerated, while improving quality and accuracy.  All within a fully 3D seismic interpretation platform.

Insight Earth’s Automated Fault Extraction (below) significantly upgrades fault image quality and clarity through the use of higher resolution algorithms, and improves the S/N ratio of fault features, including lower angle faults.

IE 3

Surface Wrapping (below) is a rapid, multi-z interpretation technique that utilizes a 3D mesh to define the bounding surface of a geobody.  It is widely recognized for its ability to greatly accelerate workflows while preserving the highest level of accuracy.

IE 4

Domain Transformation (below) is a particularly valuable tool for identifying hidden plays or targets because it removes all structural elements from the entire 3D volume. The result is a cube of data where every slice represents a stratal slice, or de facto paleodepositional surface.

IE 5

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